Why an Energy Management Partner Focused on K-12 Schools & Higher Education Saves Millions Per Year

How the country uses energy is changing, and the level of technology available today makes every Facility Manager question how they can improve production and save money. In K-12 schools and higher education facilities, the type of energy management partner chosen to achieve these goals can have a dramatic effect on savings’ potential.

For example, those schools partnering with Cenergistic have realized savings upward of $5 billion, a far cry from the savings that similar competitors may promote. School officials need to understand the key issues that can be overlooked when not choosing a partner based on the needs of the school, how K-12 and education focus addresses critical concerns, and the benefits of partnering with providers of energy management focused on K-12 needs.

Schools Have Unique Needs That May Be Overlooked in Standard Energy Management

Criticism of outsourcing energy management will always exist, says Michael Fickes of School Planning & Management. Decreased budgets have led more schools to abandon the notion of outsourcing or contracting support services, but steady growth across the economy and higher demand to reduce facilities spend have contributed to the return of outsourcing in many of the nation's schools. Unfortunately, the decision to outsource is the easy part; school officials need to make sure their choices provide a quantifiable return. In other words, the unique needs of the school may be overlooked in standard energy management. These may include:

  • Adverse impact on the student learning environment.
  • Inability to complete huge overhauls or maintenance of all facility assets at the same time.
  • Severe budget limitations for upfront investments.

Energy Management Focused on K-12 Addresses Funding, Planning and Payback Concerns.

The three primary areas that are overlooked in lackluster energy management focused on K-12 reflect the central concerns of today’s schools. Schools have a significant budget deficit, upward of $38 billion annually, reports the PEW Charitable Trusts, and this means finances for upfront investment in energy management focused on K-12 platforms or systems may be lacking.

Another focal point of energy management focused on K-12 revolves around the planning concerns that may exist. Schools cannot shut down the entire school at a moment's notice, so advanced planning of all retro commissioning or completion of facility maintenance needs is essential.

The final part of the equation is about the impact on the student learning environment. Disruptions to the school day can have a severe effect on children, and younger children may respond to changes in their environment with fear. Causing a child to be fearful is unacceptable. As a result, choosing a partner for energy management focused on K-12 concerns can ensure quality, appropriate service, while saving millions.

Benefits of a K-12 Focused Energy Management Partner

The benefits of a K-12 focused energy management partner are not limited to financial savings. Additional benefits include:

  • Reduction in labor costs and demand, giving staff members the opportunity to focus on other needs.
  • Better utilization of facility assets to create a comfortable environment for occupants.
  • Diversion of funding to launch new programs for students or attract and retain teachers.
  • Ability to teach more student without significant expansion of the budget.

Choose Cenergistic for Energy Management Focused on K-12 Schools

Not all energy management partners are equal. Their strengths may be in commercial applications or even manufacturing, but the unique needs of K-12 schools and higher education mean the partner must have a strong understanding of the energy management focused on K-12’s core values and limitations. This is part of the reason more schools have chosen Cenergistic for energy management focused on their real-world needs, not the needs of other companies. Find out how your organization can get started with a K-12-focused energy management program by visiting Cenergistic online or calling 1-855-798-7779 today.


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