What Is Opti-Commissioning®, and How Can It Help Your Organization?

Cenergistic clients have heard of Opti-Commissioning® and the comprehensive approach that our energy programs use to maximize equipment efficiency and minimize facility energy consumption — but what does this concept mean for your organization?


Opti-Commissioning® is the practice of optimizing system setting and schedules throughout the year, based on seasonal or episodic conditions.

Opti-Commissioning® encompasses Cenergistic’s three unique approaches for reducing energy consumption — equipment calibration, facilities monitoring and behavioral change — to reach peak client savings.


Calibrationdevice with a buttons and display, factory monitoring

The Cenergistic Energy Specialist reviews operational practices to make sure opportunities for energy savings are maximized. This ensures equipment is optimized to run at peak efficiency. One of the more thorough methods of reducing system energy consumption is to optimize equipment settings and schedules based on seasonal demand: Opti-Commissioning®.



Embedding Energy Specialists onsite promotes coordination between operations staff and the energy program’s plan of action. Combining periodic site audits with the added assistance of our patented machine learning software, Cenergistic’s Energy Specialists monitor facilities in real time and address problems as they arise.

In addition, Cenergistic’s team of engineers and experts regularly visit each organization to audit, diagnose and prescribe energy conservation measures — a service that comes included with Cenergistic’s partnership; no maintenance fees are invoiced.

These services lower energy consumption while improving performance and occupant comfort. Across an organization, the calibration and monitoring sides of Opti-Commissioning® deliver significant savings and reduce an organization’s carbon footprint.



Empowering constituents to reduce personal energy consumption through modifying energy-using behaviors also significantly contributes to reducing expected energy consumption and its related cost. Behavioral changes teach employees and patrons alike the skills necessary to live sustainably over the long term.

Behavioral changes complement Opti-Commissioning® efforts through further lowering of energy consumption, optimizing thermostat programming and scheduling heating, ventilation or air conditioning use to closely fit building use patterns.

At the individual level, some changes may not seem to make much of an impact. But when each person does his or her part, behavioral change delivers significant reductions that are evident when organizations review utility bills.


Opti-Commissioning® Benefits Your Organization

Cenergistic’s comprehensive energy program prioritizes optimizing operation of current equipment — less energy consumed equals more money saved. Energy Specialists monitor energy use and comfort levels in all facilities, freeing operations staff to prioritize other needs. Client studies show equipment operated according to Opti-Commissioning® principles lasts longer with fewer repairs. More durable equipment requires less maintenance, saving valuable resources and time.

It takes a comprehensive approach to maximize equipment, system and human energy consumption. If your organization is looking for an effective way to reduce energy consumption and significantly save on utility bills, contact Cenergistic today for further information at 1-855-798-7779 or visit Cenergistic.com.

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