The Best Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Moments of 2018

Schools are in the perfect position to encourage greater adoption of sustainability and energy efficiency. As the world moves toward a sustainable future, superintendents and education Facility Managers should begin the process of considering improved energy management in their districts. For those that are still not convinced, consider these top sustainability and energy efficiency moments of 2018.

Energy Use Is Growing, Sparking Change

Demand for energy use is growing at a phenomenal rate. While energy demand decreased over the last decade, global energy use in 2017 doubled from prior years. The increasing demand has placed the burden on energy suppliers to meet higher demand, and as a result, energy rates are increasing at an equal rate. At the same time, changes in energy policy are starting to affect schools, forcing school districts to reevaluate current energy use programs and implement them, if they haven't already.

The EE Global Forum

As explained by the Alliance to Save Energy, the EE Global Forum on energy efficiency in 2019 was a remarkable moment for sustainability and energy efficiency on a domestic and global scale. The event is comprised of representatives from more than 50 countries for energy efficiency development, partnerships and strategizing. Speaking of partnerships, energy efficiency development is precisely what Cenergistic does with schools, so it is not a stretch to consider this moment a defining factor for the global demand for energy partnerships.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Recognized to Reduce More Than 40 Percent of Emissions Required by the Paris Agreement

Another critical development in 2018 was the recognition that sustainability and energy efficiency programs can successfully achieve more than 40 percent of emission reductions required by the Paris Agreement. In other words, simply taking changes to energy use behaviors and leveraging new systems and technology can help companies, schools, and residents reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which will reduce the impact of climate change which is a win-win-win as it will likely result in a reduced number of black swan weather events.

Legislative Support for an Energy Efficiency Day

In November 2018, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution to recognize energy efficiency day. While this may not seem like a significant milestone, one of the three branches of the U.S. government is making a stand against climate change conspirators will have a resounding impact on the adoption of energy efficiency program, as well as consideration of energy efficiency programs in traditionally conservative states.

Passage of a Bill to Support the DOE's Energy Efficiency Programs

In September, U.S. Congress passed a bill increasing the funding for the Department of Energy's energy efficiency programs. This bill represents one of the most significant accomplishments and leaps of energy efficiency improvements under the current administration. Moreover, the current administration had previously advised against any of the measures outlined in the bill, but the president did sign the law in the end. As a result, energy efficiency programs are expected to increase in popularity.

Benefits of These Moments on Sustainability and Energy Efficiency That Will Impact Your District

The benefits of these sustainability and energy efficiency moments in 2018 will have effects that last throughout 2019 and well into the future. Consider how these moments will affect your school district in the coming year:

  • Greater public support for sustainability in your district.

  • Decreased energy rates leading to even higher cost avoidance figures.

  • More efficient use of building space, reducing the demand for new construction.

  • Recommissioning of facility assets to extend longevity.

  • More government-level funds may be available to make upgrades.

Future-Proof Your District With the Right Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Practices

School districts face the same energy challenges as much of the country, but they do not have the available resources to invest upfront funds in an energy management program. This is where Cenergistic comes into play. Cenergistic can give your district access to the latest technology, best practices, and resources or increasing sustainability and energy efficiency in your buildings. Learn more by visiting Cenergistic online or calling 1-855-798-7779 today.


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