Myth Debunked: How Cenergistic Programs Are More Robust Than Simply Saving on Electricity

One common misconception of Cenergistic’s services is that we simply “turn out the lights.” Sure, making sure energy doesn’t get wasted during off hours is certainly an important part of our process, but saving on electricity is nowhere near the only value we bring to our clients.


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Our Opti-Commissioning® consulting services encompass comprehensive changes to systemic operations. Wholesale technological analysis makes sure systems and equipment are calibrated optimally, and our Cenergistic GreenX® software monitors utility meters in real-time to ensure energy is not wasted. The third pillar of these services, behavioral change, ensures that the program remains successful over the long term.

And the focus of our program is not just saving on electricity. Our Energy Specialists not only improve efficiency for electricity-consuming equipment, but regularly ensure that machinery running on natural gas, diesel fuel and even propane do not waste energy. Energy Specialists also receive advanced training in water conservation, and many have done the hard work of gaining outside accreditation from sustainable landscaping experts to further enhance the impact of their work.

With some clients, our TRUSTED ENERGY ADVISOR™ services include our expert suggestions on equipment financing such as financing of energy efficient lighting, HVAC equipment, electronic controllers and installation. Our TRUSTED ENERGY ADVISOR™ services also include convenient leasing for efficient state of the art lighting, HVAC equipment and electronic controllers. These machinery upgrades serve as the next phase of the Energy Pyramid of sustainability, granting clients the opportunity to build off exceptional consumption behaviors through equipment designed for maximum energy efficiency.

This is not done with ulterior motives — Cenergistic does not install this equipment, and we do not profit off the ESCO projects we recommend. We are committed to energy efficiency for our clients, and sometimes we are able to guide them to further savings through the breadth of our industry knowledge.

Saving on electricity is an important step for an organization to achieve maximum sustainability, but it’s only a small part of our operations. To get the full toolbelt, you need a company that specializes in all facets of facilities optimization.

To learn more about our comprehensive energy efficiency services, contact Cenergistic online or call 1-855-798-7779.


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