Sustainability Hacks: How to Use Predictive Analytics in Facilities for Better Capital Planning

 The use of predictive analytics in facilities within your school district is one of the best ways to enhance capital planning processes. Schools across the country face a shortage of funds, so it is difficult to justify new construction, and purchasing of new supplies and school equipment and expansion of the district. However, superintendents and school boards can use predictive analytics in facilities to tap into additional resources through cost avoidance. School districts would spend money on reactive maintenance and energy bills otherwise, so it is time to seriously consider that predictive analytics will have a profound impact on struggling school districts and capital planning.

Why Schools Haven’t Put Predictive Analytics in Facilities to Work Yet

The biggest challenge to implementing predictive analytics in facilities is a misconception and about their complexity. Although predictive analytics leverage large data sets and advanced algorithms to function, energy management platforms and easy-to-use dashboard and tools are starting to change the narrative around the use of analytics to gain actionable insights that allow managers to assign tasks to colleagues and drive substantive change towards sustainable facilities and energy management. Unfortunately, schools may be unaware that such capabilities exist. You do not have to be a data scientist to put the power of predictive analytics to work in your facilities.

Predictive Analytics Offer Greater Accountability and Actionability in Managing Energy Use

Predictive analytics can augment the abilities of your existing facilities management team. Once assets connect to an overarching system, such as Cenergistic GreenX™, predictive analytics will leverage data regarding asset run time, performance and energy demand to refine the maintenance schedule and optimize system run time. At the same time, predictive analytics effectively reduce the risk of a disruption resulting from equipment failure. As a result, students are more likely to be comfortable, and energy costs will decrease. In other words, predictive analytics will effectively help school districts understand what they need to do to achieve the best savings possible, resulting in the diversion of resources initially earmarked for energy bills or maintenance for other purposes in the district.

How to Use Predictive Analytics to Streamline Capital Planning

Superintendents and school districts should also follow a few best practices for using predictive analytics to streamline capital planning. These include:

  • Deploy Predictive Analytics Throughout All Campus Buildings. Connecting all systems ensures maximum use of analytics and greater accuracy in insights.

  • Take Advantage of IoT-Enabled Sensors and Assets. Using wireless technology allows for remote management of buildings, and automated alerts ensure issues are addressed as soon as possible.

  • Automate Analytics and Reporting. Automated analytics and reporting increase collaboration and help everyone understand how to reap more significant benefits.

  • Let Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Enhance Forecasted Savings. Artificial intelligence and machine learning increase the accuracy of predictions, as well as a review of past actions and trends.

  • Refine Maintenance Schedules Based on Analytics-Driven Insights. Leveraging predictive analytics in facilities refines the maintenance schedule continuously, reducing total cost of ownership and energy demand from strained systems.

Enhance Your District’s Capital Planning Through Predictive Analytics in Facilities

Predictive analytics in facilities within school districts can have a profound impact on sustainability and energy efficient, and they serve as an automated navigator for how to achieve higher total cost avoidance and unnecessary energy use. As a result, school leaders can use their budgets for other purposes, including reinvesting in facilities, students, staff and more. Get your budget back on track with a proven, zero upfront cost energy management program through Cenergistic. Find out more about how to leverage energy savings to boost your budget by visiting Cenergistic online or calling 1-855-798-7779 today.


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