Mixing Technology and People to Make Buildings Safer

Cenergistic’s approach to energy conservation and healthier, more efficient buildings consists of a three-pronged package: one or more dedicated onsite Energy Specialists, onsite support from our team of engineers and experts and state-of-the-art building health technology.


This unique offering provides a comprehensive approach, drawing on a combination of human ingenuity, technical experience and artificial intelligence that helps clients achieve maximum savings while protecting buildings and employees.

But why are all of these elements necessary? Why not just use Cenergistic GreenX® or an internal team alone to find savings opportunities? Couldn’t an outside team of engineers recommend best practices as facilities reopen? Maybe not.

Each element alone involves major financial and temporal commitments from an organization and provides a limited solution. By combining these elements together, an organization can utilize resources with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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How It Works: A Doctor’s Appointment

Think of Cenergistic’s expansive approach like a doctor examining a patient. Each patient, of course, represents a building within an organization’s profile. Just like humans, building operations become more complex with age.

Ventilation structures (veins) transport conditioned air (blood) where needed, but this process becomes less efficient as systems naturally wear down and operations become relaxed. Heating and cooling equipment (organs) require constant attention for their protection and to keep a building healthy.

This is where Cenergistic’s human knowledge and building health technology combine for utmost effectiveness.

Regular audits across entire facilities make the Energy Specialist analogous to a medical doctor evaluating the health of a building, except with dozens of audits a week, checkups are more frequent and collect more data than a doctor’s visit once or twice a year.

Our complementary team of engineers and experts are precise surgeons, specializing in different aspects of facilities management and engineering to provide exact solutions for complex inefficiencies.

Cenergistic’s building health technology acts as a stethoscope or other diagnostic tool used to monitor a patient’s health and possibly uncover concerns. Alone, a layperson with these tools will receive vital information but will not have the expertise to analyze or to act on it.

Alternatively, a doctor without proper medical equipment can make vague recommendations based on industry knowledge and experience. An organization needs the synergy of human expertise and prominent technology to fully achieve maximum health and efficiency for each building in its portfolio.


How It’s Done

Cenergistic’s conservation programs go beyond energy consumption reduction and financial savings. The insights derived from our building health technology and the expertise of the Energy Specialists and engineering team deliver healthier buildings in the literal sense.

During regular audits, Energy Specialists work to improve air quality and provide comprehensive HVAC support — coordinating with organization personnel to optimize systems and extend the lifespan of current equipment. Each system is reviewed and modeled in Cenergistic’s own software tools, Cenergistic Simulate® and Cenergistic Predict®.

  • Cenergistic Simulate® allows “what if” scenarios — calculating how operational or mechanical adjustments will affect a building’s energy use.
  • Cenergistic Predict® forecasts equipment life cycle, helps plan for system upgrades and pinpoints systems that are not running as designed, whether through failure, programming issues or equipment problems.

If you want to fully utilize this combination of human expertise and analytical insight, contact Cenergistic today by visiting Cenergistic online or calling 1-855-798-7779.


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