Inspecting the Unexpected: The Big Data Energy Management of Cenergistic Predict® Spots Equipment Problems Before They Happen

Decision makers at school districts, universities and municipalities have long grappled with increasingly tight budgets. Navigating the barriers of budget and bureaucracy can sometimes force large organizations to cut funding to critical assets in favor of subsidizing more public-friendly areas.

Monitoring and maintaining expansive energy systems across district, university or municipal infrastructure poses a challenge to many facilities managers and organizational higher-ups. Quickly identifying and addressing problems as they arise requires so much time and so many resources that departments can become spread too thin to work effectively under ever-tightening budgets.

The ability to foresee system failures ahead of time can make a big difference when it comes to student success. One thing going wrong quickly spirals out of control, but no matter how much effort goes into fixing the situation, there are always consequences.

For example, picture this: On a sweltering mid-May afternoon, students take end-of-year exams. Aside from the nerves, this situation sounds benign, except for the fact that the HVAC system malfunctioned overnight and cannot be immediately fixed, leaving students across the school at risk to serious heat-related illnesses. Even in the best-case scenario, intensive heat distracts students from assignments, which could jeopardize final grades and result in angry parents asking how this was allowed to happen.

These types of scenarios are challenges every organization is tasked with preparing for. Rather than employing a reactive approach which focuses on responding to problems as they arise, Cenergistic’s experts employ a proactive approach to systems monitoring. Here, the trusted energy adviser, employees and management work to find and address potential problems before they happen.

Using Cenergistic Predict® helps move an organization in this direction. This inventory tool utilizes data inputs from EMS/BAS systems to look for and find areas to optimize system performance and detect potential failures well before assets show external signs of breaking down.

What Is Predict?

Predict uses advanced energy analytics to monitor the performance of facility equipment, responding to factors such as historical records, settings, valve and damper performance, weather patterns, regular field measurements and the age of hardware to determine when appliances and equipment need to be adjusted or upgraded.

With an easy-to-use visual interface, Predict dispenses actionable data so supervisors and technicians can quickly address problem areas. Instant alerts and notifications inform decision makers and field workers alike in real time as performance issues arise.

Furthermore, Predict allows administrators to set rules and parameters — such as EMS information, building use schedule, floor plans, etc. — that provide enhanced data to allow preparations for specific scenarios.

How Predict Impacts Productivity

Having big data energy management at the macro level allows supervisors to more accurately instruct field personnel on how to address key systems issues before they get out of hand. At the micro level, energy specialists and technicians are able to better understand how equipment is operating and what needs to be done to optimize performance.

At the administrative level, Predict constantly evaluates building systems and looks for ways to reduce energy output, which can identify many opportunities to save money. Equipment running at optimal levels is less likely to break down in the future, freeing up funds and resources for other activities.

Predict for Your Department

Building assets are like wine: They can age well or very poorly. Protect your organization’s investments over the long run by using Cenergistic Predict® to reliably measure your energy output and address crises before they happen. For more information or to schedule an application demonstration, please contact Cenergistic at 1-855-798-7779 or visit our website


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