Executive Summary: Cenergistic Executive® Displays Program Success in Easy-To-Understand Format

In the high-stakes world of K12, collegiate and municipal leadership, decision makers need to be able to communicate their successes to key stakeholders and the public. For Cenergistic partners, big data energy management services can help organizations lower energy consumption and, in the process, save money. This is a story that decision makers need to be recognized for.

That’s where the Cenergistic Executive® app comes into play. With vivid graphs and performance stats galore, Executive tells the story of how organizations have worked at reducing energy consumption in schools and municipalities while saving significant funds.

Available on both desktop and mobile devices, Executive puts the power of advanced energy analytics into the palm of your hand.

What Executive Provides

Executive processes through a myriad of information from on-the-ground energy specialists and reflects its findings in straightforward charts and statistics. The following can give decision makers the information necessary to relay to stakeholders.

  • Total Cost Avoidance – Updated periodically, this shows the cumulative amount of energy expense the Cenergistic program has helped an organization avoid. Spanning the length of the program, there is both a graph to provide a visual aid and a widget displaying the specific numerical value, allowing executives to understand total savings at the macro level.
  • Total Energy Use Per Square Foot – This statistic measures the total energy usage of an organization and divides by the total square footage of all properties. This metric levels the playing field for facilities large and small and can show where energy inefficiencies lie at the micro level (this is where having the Cenergistic GreenX® app comes in handy). Much like Total Cost Avoidance, there is a graph presenting how an organization has largely decreased its energy usage over the course of the program and a widget displaying the numerical value.
  • Total Building Audits – Displaying how many facility checks energy specialists have undertaken over the course of the program, Total Building Audits is a further reminder of Cenergistic’s dedication to client satisfaction.
  • ENERGY STAR® Buildings – Buildings that perform in the 75th percentile and above compared to their nationwide peers can receive recognition from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program. These buildings earn ENERGY STAR certification and national recognition.

Further Data Provided

The Cenergistic team members responsible for an organization’s success and their contact information are listed. The comprehensive list includes everyone from applicable sales members to the energy specialists running audits.

For additional statistics, Executive translates energy savings into easy-to-understand conversions, such as the equivalent in CO2 emissions or tons of waste recycled. At the bottom of the page, the top ten performing buildings within an organization are graphed, with both total dollar savings and percent savings listed for easy viewing.

Executive for Your Department

Cenergistic works tirelessly to help its clients achieve their energy-saving goals. Help tell the story of this partnership’s success to key stakeholders with the help of Executive. For more information or to schedule an application demonstration, please contact Cenergistic at 1-855-798-7779 or visit our website cenergistic.com.


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