How Can I Reduce Energy Consumption Without Buying More Efficient Equipment?

An Energy Safari Can Net Conservation Trophies — and Savings!

Cenergistic’s program works with the systems already in place — improving how and when those systems are operated. Embedded Cenergistic energy specialists partner with your personnel, guided by Cenergistic’s engineers and technicians who work onsite and remotely to review and optimize systems for efficient operation. For years, our experts have referred to the procedure as an Energy Safari — starting with elephants and working down to the field mice.

Following our systemized process, they track energy use in buildings with regular audits during different parts of the day, adjusting schedules to ensure comfort for scheduled activities, and setting back systems for unoccupied periods. They review heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and landscape and irrigation methods for all buildings, athletic facilities, kitchen operations, and more. And they do it repeatedly, ensuring efficient, effective operation throughout the year, making sure systems are running properly and adjusted for weather and changing use.

We’ve identified more than 1,200 areas to review for saving opportunities. While we work, we educate occupants on controlling the energy in their areas, creating a culture of conservation. It’s a more complex process than a few sentences can describe.

Cenergistic experts have stalked and captured energy conservation opportunities in buildings across the nation from the oldest to the newest and solved long-standing challenges that baffled facility experts for years. Whether diagnosing programming errors, digging into comfort concerns, addressing issues stemming from installation problems, or auditing utility bills, their philosophy is “fix it once” rather than simply treating symptoms.

Just a few of our notable fixes over the last 35 years:

  • Solved a long-standing comfort issue by diagnosing mis-installed actuators that kept dampers closed so no air went to classrooms — while the HVAC system ran 24/7 for years
  • Reviewed “non-functioning” HVAC equipment and discovered fan switches had been turned off during a repair effort months before — so air conditioned air went nowhere
  • Helped a client recover more than $900K for a meter that had been double billed for years
  • Identified bills clients paid for buildings that had been sold years before — many times, for many clients
  • Resolved a conflict between client, architect and contractor for a new building with humidity issues by identifying a discrepancy between system design and build — so the problems were solved
  • Dug into the reason a school’s wing had never been comfortable — though the system ran continuously — and discovered a duct end cover was not installed, so cooled or heated air didn’t reach classrooms
  • Discovered during an evening audit that the neighbor’s flourishing garden was illegally irrigated by the district’s water system
  • Identified through consumption analysis potential water leaks that didn’t reveal themselves as water was flowing into drainpipes or underground — one in particular multiplied building’s water bill nearly 10 times for almost 10 years
  • Helped a new client get credit for $180K overpayment on bills that were not marked as estimated
  • Identified hundreds of meters for public school district clients that were wrongly being taxed
  • Resolved long-standing comfort problems in many schools by identifying thermostats which controlled other rooms, rather than the room in which they were installed

Cenergistic exists to serve its clients in the pursuit of unlocking resources through energy savings to forward educational or missional goals. Many clients turn energy savings into bonuses for teachers and staff, new construction projects, classroom makeovers and even restore programs cancelled by budget issues. If this sounds interesting, please reach out to speak with one of our specialists who can help you see if we can save you 25% or more on your energy bill.



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