Three Energy Management Innovations and Trends That Will Define the 2020s

Facility energy management is an effective method organizations use to ease budget constraints, decrease ownership costs and improve patron experience. Facility managers and decision makers at administrative levels should know what the top energy trends will be for the next decade to recognize the benefits of new innovations and trends as they arise.


1. Energy Management Strategies Will Rely Heavily on Machine Learning

Some of the most significant energy management trends for this century’s Roaring 20s will revolve around machine learning. Machine learning leverages artificial intelligence and continuous analytics to learn from data and maximize its intended function. Artificial intelligence activity is expected to explode over the next decade, radically altering our experience with the world, with expected implementations that span into a vast array of industries.

Capital asset performance — including maintenance, facility and asset upgrades as well as operating practices that contribute to higher energy use — is a prime candidate for machine learning application. In other words, using machine learning delivers the information necessary for facility operators to make informed decisions. More importantly, visualization tools and the functions of increasingly advanced energy management systems will leverage machine learning to help facility managers find new ways to conserve energy. Coupled with efforts to encourage patrons and staff to adopt energy conservation behaviors, facility managers can maximize realized energy savings.


2. New Regulations and Initiatives Will Force Facilities to Become SustainableSmart energy management involves planning for changes on the horizon

As climate change begins to affect all facets of global society — including how facilities themselves are operated — countries, states and local governments are establishing ever-stricter standards for building energy use. With governments becoming more intentional about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, facility managers need to work more intently to minimize environmental impacts.

The use of connected, IoT-enabled systems and sensors further enhances preventive maintenance capabilities as changes in energy use may alert facility managers to malfunctions or system issues. As a result, staff can plan maintenance more efficiently, avoiding unnecessary disruptions to operations and improving occupant comfort.

For organizations looking to expand their building portfolios, constructing net zero buildings provides a savvy way to minimize energy consumption. In some cases, these pioneering building techniques can even produce excess energy that nets facilities extra revenue.


3. Renewable Energy Will Become More Accessible — For Every Industry

Increased research and development toward replacing the world’s current oil- and coal-backed energy infrastructure will continue to lead to innovations and breakthroughs that bring renewable alternatives across all industries.

Recent developments in the creation of construction materials, carbon capture methods at coal-fired power plants and even transportation announced within the last month are a harbinger forecasting more accessibility to renewable energy technology over the next decade. AI is expected to shape the future of the renewable energy industry as well — reworking the national energy grid presents opportunities to maximize energy efficiency and minimize consumer prices.

Facilities can take advantage of these breakthroughs by investing in renewable energy as it becomes available. Renewable energy prices do not fluctuate as dramatically as their fossil fuel-based counterparts, providing stability to managers over the long run while decreasing impact to the environment.


Implement the Right Energy Management Practices in Your Organization

Although these energy management trends will dominate the facilities sector in 2020 and beyond, their full effects can only be maximized when combined with best operational practices that help organizations offer a better experience for staff and patrons alike. See how your organization can put the latest-generation technology to work by contacting Cenergistic today.


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