Earth Day Is Next Week: 5 Tips for Energy Efficiency at Home

Over the past month, societies across the globe have drastically changed normal daily activities amid the threat of COVID-19. The world’s cities, workplaces, entertainment venues, retail outlets and schools are shuttered. With millions of people confined to their residences, car emissions have plummeted, leaving cities such as Los Angeles notorious for smog and air pollution suddenly crystal clear.


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We are in odd and anxious times, but with most Americans staying put all day, this presents an ideal time to further focus on energy efficiency at home. Earth Day, coincidentally, occurs next week (April 22), so in celebration, we’re listing ways you can play a critical role in individual conservation efforts.


Tip 1: Shut off and unplug electronics when not in use

Leaving electronics on after you’re done using them consumes unnecessary energy. This means turn all nonessential devices off completely — instead of leaving them on low power mode or standby. Many times, this is not enough, as turned-off devices can still consume energy when left plugged in. Where applicable, get in the habit of unplugging devices once fully charged. Smart power strips accomplish this by powering off individual plugs when their devices are turned off.


Tip 2: Seal leaks in windows, vents and doors

Insulating a home depends on properly sealed windows, vents, doors and walls. The process of filling any air leaks in these areas, known as weatherizing, bolsters energy efficiency at home. A correctly sealed home doesn’t waste as much energy when heating and cooling the house. You can apply a weather strip and/or caulk to a small leak for a quick fix.


Tip 3: Limit smartphone use

Charging smartphones takes up significant energy and using smartphones while they charge consumes even more energy. Limiting kids’ smartphone and tablet use when not in class can meaningfully lower energy consumption when multiplied across weeks of quarantine.


Tip 4: Take advantage of natural light

Your mom was right. Skip on electricity expenses by opening the blinds and let in some beautiful natural light. Natural light fulfills a need, is free to use and bolsters energy efficiency efforts at home.

To increase the use of natural light in your home, try arranging your workspace and common areas of your home so that sunlight fills the area during the day. For those concerned about privacy, lightweight curtains or blinds let natural light filter through while obscuring you from the outside world.


Tip 5: Use less hot water

Heating water requires considerable energy. Try to be more aware of the water you use and when you can substitute hot for cold. Hand-washing, bathing, dish washing and laundry all present opportunities to use less hot water. Your bank account and the planet will thank you.


Earth Day gives us a chance to ponder how each of us plays a part in the health of our planet. With social distancing at the forefront of everyone’s mind, Earth Day provides an opportunity to further conservation efforts across America, and the world.

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