Closing the Student Achievement Gap with Cenergistic

Schools across the country stress over student performance. After all, every educator’s mission is to enrich students’ lives students and prepare them for the workforce — a costly proposition. Systems are not funded equally, creating significant student achievement gaps across the nation.


In today’s pandemic era, many urban and rural communities face historic disinvestment, with experts predicting an unprecedented financial cliff. To serve students efficiently, districts can turn to Cenergistic’s practical and financial solutions to close some of the student achievement gap.

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Clean Air

During normal times, clean air factors into healthier students and better scores. Poor ventilation and air pollution can result in harm to occupant health and increased likelihood of hospitalization. Despite these health risks, many school districts across the country face severe maintenance backlogs, preventing important repairs to HVAC systems. Poor air quality can also affect cognitive functions, leading to underperformance in student learning and retention. These factors further the student achievement gap in districts which lack the resources to make these critical upgrades.

In a COVID world, clean air takes on extra importance. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that schools confirm HVAC systems operate properly, requiring districts behind on maintenance to emphasize ventilation upgrades that ensure students, teachers and staff have the lowest chance of exposure possible.

The Cenergistic program goes beyond dollar savings to help ensure clients receive the resources they need for maximal student health and achievement. Cenergistic engineers and consultants bring the expertise needed to make sure systems are optimized for student return. These fixes often save the school money, ensuring districts can fulfill their mission to students and work to close the student achievement gap without cutting corners.


Dollar Investment

Schools with funding shortfalls have long had to battle upstream to provide adequate education to students. The pandemic exacerbated this divide, with a nationwide homeschooling exodus and state budget cuts portending funding crises for affluent and disadvantaged communities alike.

Cenergistic focuses on helping its partners lower energy consumption, lowering utility expenses. Energy conservation means dollars otherwise destined for the power provider can be retained for initiatives to boost student learning. This proposition pays for the program through existing budget, with savings left over for district discretion.

With more than 1,470 clients over 34 years and an industry-leading team of experts and engineers, Cenergistic is the only energy conservation company with the experience, knowledge and ability to save your organization significant money that can be reinvested in programs that matter while ensuring students have healthier learning environments — all of which come together to help close the student achievement gap.


To find out more about how Cenergistic can cut your organization’s energy consumption by 20–30 percent, visit Cenergistic online or call 1-855-798-7779.


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