City of Montgomery's Energy Conservation Program Saves $2.2 Million

When the City of Montgomery, Alabama administrators wanted to lower utility expenses, improve building comfort and support environmental stewardship, they sought a proven expert with a history of solving complex energy conservation equations.

Changing Behaviors

City staff members work closely with Cenergistic’s engineers and consultants, who provide hands-on training and supervision. They play an essential role in helping make the City of Montgomery more sustainable and efficient. It all starts with energy awareness. While most of the program’s focus is on optimizing systems and schedules for large heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, something as small as turning off unneeded lighting — consistently done by everyone in the city — can also have a significant impact on conservation efforts.

“At the end of the day, this program will eliminate waste and continue building on our objectives of being excellent stewards of taxpayer resources and protecting our environment,” said Mayor Strange. “It just makes good business sense to find new ways to optimize and improve our energy use.”

They chose Cenergistic, a nationwide energy conservation company with a multidimensional approach to conservation using behavior-based training, predictive technology, and on-site energy experts.

Delivering Sustainable Savings

Within three years, the conservation program achieved $2.2 million in utility savings, a 17 percent reduction in expected energy costs over the 2016 base year. By 2021, the program is expected to deliver $2.9 million in savings, reducing energy costs more than 20 percent. It is a significant saving for a city looking for ways to cut expenses annually to put more funding toward road maintenance, equipment, and staffing for areas like public safety.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized Montgomery’s conservation program with ENERGY STAR® Building Certification for Montgomery City Hall, 25 Washington City Annex, Municipal Justice Center and Montgomery Fire Department Headquarters. ENERGY STAR Building Certifications recognize the most energy efficient buildings in the country.

The Capitol Heights, Goodwyn, and Brewbaker community centers have seen some of the largest utility energy savings percentage-wise — each reducing its expected utility costs by at least a third.

Supporting the Environment

Today, Montgomery is known as a green and environmentally friendly city, is saving money and helping save the planet. The energy efficiency gains realized from the program have reduced CO2 emissions by the equivalent of 25,429,376 miles driven by an average car or, carbon sequestered from 173,378 trees grown for 10 years.

“We took the initiative on being the green city,” said Mayor Strange. “That sends a message to the world. Montgomery cares about the environment.”


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