‘Building’ Toward a Better Tomorrow: Cenergistic Simulate® — Advanced Energy Analytics Deliver Insight Into Future Consumption Costs

Decision makers at school districts, universities and municipalities have long grappled with increasingly tight budgets. Navigating the barriers of budget and bureaucracy can sometimes force large organizations to cut funding to critical assets in favor of subsidizing more public-friendly areas.

Having a reliable way to funnel raw data from an arsenal of assets into usable results helps paint a bigger picture for many departments. In recent years, energy management has become an easy target for cuts, as savvy maintenance and operation departments work to use smart technology and efficient equipment to consume less energy while providing a quality environment.

But for those who can’t closely manage facility energy consumption, expenses may balloon into an albatross that swells the budget. How can organizations proactively manage energy consumption, rather than simply react to situations as they arise? Cenergistic clients have Cenergistic Simulate® to make the future accessible through big data energy management.

What Is Cenergistic Simulate®?

Powered by Cenergistic, Simulate®’s data-driven energy models give decision makers and facility managers needed insight to plan for the future. Accounting for variables such as historical weather patterns, energy consumption and building age, Cenergistic Simulate® accurately forecasts the outcome of various scenarios a manager may need to plan.

When exploring new solutions to a looming problem, Simulate™ lets decision makers and planners review an array of options before spending a dime. For planning simple, incremental changes, Cenergistic Simulate® produces an accurate prediction of a facility’s upgrades or operational changes.

Available on any smart device, Cenergistic Simulate® uses advanced energy analytics to put next-gen information into the hands of decision makers, letting them see the effects of complicated scenarios with the press of a button.

How Cenergistic Simulate® Assists You 

While decision makers are usually vested with much of the power for day-to-day operations, there are expected hurdles to clear when planning for long-term assets.

Cenergistic Simulate® delivers the necessary visual aids and factual information to convince key board members and other leaders of the potential benefits a comprehensive energy program or equipment upgrade delivers. Cenergistic Simulate® also delivers reliable estimates of related costs and charges, providing stakeholders with accurate budget predictions and a vision of future savings or value.

Cenergistic Simulate® for Your Department

Buildings are significant assets, and they require significant investment. Equipping your organization with Cenergistic Simulate® delivers fast, reliable information as you explore best practices to maintain and improve facilities. For more information or to schedule an application demonstration, please contact Cenergistic at 1-855-798-7779 or visit our website cenergistic.com.


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