The Internet of Things Meets Big Data in Energy Management

Smart sensors and intuitive technologies, such as the use of big data in energy management, will drive savings in energy costs, extend asset longevity, reduce unforeseen disruptions and improve the efficiency of school facility management. School officials need to understand how the intersection of the Internet of Things and big data will play a defining role in the introduction of technology in school facility management.

Big Data in Energy Management Comes With Several Prerequisites

The development of the IoT will require schools to rethink their use of technology, including how they implement and maintain IoT-connected assets. Since the IoT provides a means of data collection, as well as system controls, schools must meet the following criteria before fundamental insights from big data can be gleaned:

  • A complete list of facility assets and condition.

  • Understanding the maintenance backlog.

  • Ability to track maintenance needs in real-time.

  • Connectivity among facility assets.

  • The creation of a preventive maintenance program.

  • On-demand staff to handle new needs.

  • Analytics to derive insights from data.

  • Experience in managing new assets using technology.

  • Comprehension of typical energy management expectations and best practices.

Benefits of Big Data Powered by the Internet of Things

The application of big data in energy management derives from the power and information collected by IoT-enabled devices. Leading benefits of the use of big data and analytics include:

  • Centralized asset controls.

  • Sub-load meters to monitor energy consumption and costs assert Rhavesh Patel of Facility Executive.

  • Reduced runtime of facility assets to optimize energy use.

  • Prioritization of upgrades or changes in operations to save money based on actual savings, not assumptions, explains Fiona Burlig of Forbes.

  • Enhanced energy efficiency from proper maintenance.

  • One-stop insight into asset condition and status.

  • Identification of the best way to optimize an asset via prescriptive analytics and machine learning.

  • Automation throughout the school reduces waste and costs.

  • Wireless sensors take advantage of existing networks and resources.

  • Provides a way of showing students and faculty how behaviors affect conservation.

  • Alignment in the school with global values for sustainability and green practices.

How to Put the Power of the Internet of Things, Big Data and Contracted Service to Work in Your School

Although experts agree that modern technologies, including the Internet of Things and big data, can and do increase savings potential while improving energy efficiency, school officials may not understand how to leverage these technologies. To streamline the approval of energy management and tap into the value of big data in energy management, school Facilities Managers should follow these steps:

  1. Put together a preemptive proposal for the use of big data in energy management in your school.

  2. Define the savings potential of energy management.

  3. Identify areas of improvement through new programs.

  4. Retrocommission facility assets with IoT-enabled sensors.

  5. Gather granular information about facility assets, including age, make, model, energy use and more.

  6. Track the right data.

  7. Analyze the data.

  8. Use the data to make informed decisions that will produce the best result.

  9. Validate savings and performance.

  10. Maintain the energy management system itself.

  11. Work with a contracted expert, including an on-site energy specialist, to gain the most of the savings' potential.

  12. Revisit the proposal at this point, using the steps mentioned above to strengthen your argument.

Leverage Big Data in Energy Management With the Right Partnership

The best-laid plans for the application of big data in energy management will excel with the right energy management partnership. In addition to aiding in implementing new technologies, including the retro-commissioning of facility assets, a K-12 energy management partner provides a wealth of experience in finding hidden opportunities for energy savings in schools. Learn more by calling Cenergistic at 1-855-798-7779 or completing the online contact form today.

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