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    Why Cenergistic Invests in ENERGY STAR

    COVID-19 Lockdown Impact on Energy Use

    How Can I Reduce Energy Consumption Without Buying More Efficient Equipment?

    Energy Management for Municipalities: A Q&A with Charlotte Prestridge, Energy Specialist

    How School Districts Can Earn an A+ in Summer School: Invest in Students, Not Energy Costs

    Energy Conservation 101: What We Do, How We Do It, and Why it Matters

    CGCS Rewind: Creating COVID-19 Resilient School Buildings with Energy Management

    2021 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year — Sustained Excellence Award

    Heroes of Cenergistic: Erika Johnson, Foot Ninja

    Insider’s Perspective: How Pocono Mountain School District’s Energy Program Contributed to Healthier Buildings During COVID Shutdowns

    How a Decade of Ocean Sustainability Can Impact Our Planet

    Conservation in an Age of Social Distancing: The Top Cenergistic Industry Insights of 2020

    2020 Rewind: The Fuel Normal

    What Cenergistic’s Nationwide Success Looks Like

    Closing the Student Achievement Gap with Cenergistic

    Who are Cenergistic Energy Specialists?

    4 Facts You Didn’t Know About ENERGY STAR®

    Profiles in Education: Sandy Thorstenson, Whittier Union HSD

    Mixing Technology and People to Make Buildings Safer

    Heroes of Cenergistic: Dr. Jon Myers, Noble Public Schools

    How a Conservation Program Can Lower Energy Costs for Your District Even Amid Lower Utility Bills

    How COVID-19 Might Impact the 2020-2021 School Year

    What Sustainable Innovations Are Cities Rolling Out?

    Insider’s Perspective: How Indianapolis Public Schools Became a National Sustainability Leader

    Myth Debunked: Is Energy Conservation Really a Do-It-Yourself Project?

    Social Media Comments

    Myth Debunked: How Cenergistic Programs Are More Robust Than Simply Saving on Electricity

    What Do Successful Energy Conservation Solutions Look Like?

    Insider’s Perspective: How Moreno Valley USD’s Energy Specialists Saved a Boatload on Water

    Efficiency Excellence: How to Receive Recognition Through ENERGY STAR® Certified Buildings

    Earth Day Is Next Week: 5 Tips for Energy Efficiency at Home

    Alternatives to Deferred Maintenance in K-12 Schools

    Four Use Cases for Building Intelligence at Education Facilities

    How Should Organizations Switch to Renewable Energy? The Energy Pyramid Lays It Out

    What Is the Better Buildings Challenge, and How Can Your Facilities Receive Recognition?

    Insider’s Perspective: How Fort Worth ISD’s Four-Day Summer Work Week Led to Extra Energy Savings

    Insider’s Perspective: How Top-Down Support Helped Mansfield ISD’s Energy Program Succeed

    Do Facility Operations Really Impact Building Occupant Health? Studies Suggest So

    Does Energy Conservation in Municipalities Benefit Residents? Six Reasons How

    Top 8 Myths About Global Energy Consumption

    California's Quest for Carbon-Free Schools: Are School Districts Ready?

    Happy Fuel Year: The Top Cenergistic Blogs of 2019

    2019 Rewind: What Has the Past Year Looked Like for Sustainability?

    Reality Check: Are Net-Zero Schools Just an Illusion?

    Three Energy Management Innovations and Trends That Will Define the 2020s

    What Is Opti-Commissioning® Consulting, and How Can It Help Your Organization?

    Insider's Perspective: Fall Harvest for Iona College Yields 70 Free Smart Thermostats, Thanks to Efforts of Cenergistic Energy Specialist

    How to Monitor Energy Use in Schools Through Energy Visualization

    Everything You Need to Know About the Renewable Energy Debate to Operate Sustainably

    Seven Brilliant School Projects Made from Recycled Materials

    Four Ways Schools Can Inspire Communities to Fight Climate Change

    This Is What Personal Energy Conservation Could Look Like in the Future

    How You Can Reduce Energy Use and Start a Culture of Sustainability at School, Work and Home

    Executive Summary: Cenergistic Executive® Displays Program Success in Easy-To-Understand Format

    October Is Energy Awareness Month: Ten Tips for Instilling Long-Term Sustainability Habits

    GreenX and Ham: How One App’s Energy Analytics Is Changing the Way Facilities Save Money on Utilities Expenses

    Inspecting the Unexpected: The Big Data Energy Management of Cenergistic Predict® Spots Equipment Problems Before They Happen

    Insider’s Perspective: How One Cenergistic Employee Played a Key Role in Cutting Hazlet Township’s Energy Consumption by Over One-Third

    ‘Building’ Toward a Better Tomorrow: Cenergistic Simulate® — Advanced Energy Analytics Deliver Insight Into Future Consumption Costs

    What Are Cenergistic Superheroes up to in the Field?

    City of Montgomery's Energy Conservation Program Saves $2.2 Million

    ACU Energy Conservation Program Inspires Honors College Thesis

    With Cenergistic, University of Kentucky Conserves Energy and Funds

    Finding Budget Where Budget Doesn't Exist: Utilizing Smart Energy Management in Schools to Free Up Capital

    What Is an Intelligent School Building & How Will It Improve Student Learning?

    Energy Reality Check: School Energy Reduction Is More Than a 'Facilities Problem,' Why Superintendents Should Take Notice

    Cenergistic is Platinum Sponsor at April CGCS Conference, Will Hold Best Practice Session on Energy Mgmt. + Sustainability

    Podcast: With Tight School Budgets, Where Do You Cut Costs? A Superintendent's Perspective, With Katie Bowman of Birdville ISD

    Podcast: When School's Cut Energy Spending, Teachers Stay, With Tony Erickson

    Reality Check: K-12 Districts Are Leap Years From True 'Smart Building' Implementation, But Here's How to Get Ready

    The New Age of Energy Management - The Transition from Hardware to Software

    Sustainability Hacks: Energy Conservation in School Districts... Making the Case With Metrics

    Sustainability Hacks: The Easiest Way to Measure Your Energy Use Index

    The Best Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Moments of 2018

    Sustainability Hacks: Find School District Energy Savings in Under 6 Months by Implementing These 3 Simple Practices

    Sustainability Hacks: How to Use Predictive Analytics in Facilities for Better Capital Planning

    Which Side of the Bell Curve Is Your School District Energy Management Program On? Leaders and Laggards in Sustainability

    New Year, New School Energy Conservation Resolutions

    Sustainability Hacks: Never Skip These 3 Things in a School Facilities Audit

    What Will Shape Carbon Policy in 2019?

    Energy Management Trends and Expert Predictions for 2019

    Do You Have a Smart System? Why You Need an Energy Analytics Platform

    Conserving Energy Use in Schools: Why Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Will Decrease School Energy Budgets

    The Role of Big Data & Advanced Analytics for Energy Management

    Energy Management Program for School Districts: If Your District Doesn't Have One You May Be Throwing Money Away

    What Is a Utility Billing Analysis & Why Should my School District Conduct One?

    Why Is an Energy Management Audit Program Vital in Education Facilities?

    How to Lower Energy Costs for My School District to Free Resources to Increase Teacher Salaries

    Using Big Data for Operations & Energy Management In Higher Learning

    Top 8 Myths About Energy Use in Schools

    Energy Management Analytics: What Are Reactive, Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics?

    Energy Data Analytics Turn Energy Managers Into Superheroes

    Podcast: How Do You Properly Fund School Security? With Scott Himelstein

    The Top 20 State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency Programs

    5 Reasons Why Machine Learning + Big Data = Smart Energy Management

    Why Energy Management in School Districts Saves Millions

    Machine Learning for Identifying Energy Use Patterns for My School District

    Why Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Are Crucial for Sustainable School Building Operations

    Podcast: How Data Can Help Your School Brace For Impact

    Advanced Energy Management Analytics: Why Should Energy Managers Care About Reactive, Predictive, & Prescriptive Analytics

    5 Tips to Build a Sustainability Management System for School Districts

    What Is School Energy Management & What Are the Top Benefits of an Effective Program?

    The Internet of Things Meets Big Data in Energy Management

    Why an Energy Management Partner Focused on K-12 Schools & Higher Education Saves Millions Per Year

    The Cons of In-House Maintenance of K-12 School Facilities Assets

    The 5 Challenges of In-House Energy Management for School Facilities

    School Weather Disaster Recovery: How to Recover from Black Swan Weather Events for K-12 Schools & Higher Education Facilities

    Bringing Children Back to Flood-Stricken Schools & Areas Safely

    Emergency Preparedness in Schools: How to Prevent, Prepare, Respond and Recover in the Face of Emergencies and Disasters

    What's All the Hype About Big Data and Energy Analytics?

    Building Energy Use Benchmarking: A Guide to Compare Your Energy Usage to Peers

    The Value of On-Site Energy Specialists for Improved Energy Management for Schools

    Want to Reduce Energy Use In Schools? Measure It.

    How Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Aid in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

    Did You Know That Energy Costs In Schools Are Second Only to Salaries? Divert Energy Money to Reinvest in Education

    Efficient Energy Management: Machine Learning, the Internet of Things & Big Data's Future

    Join the Hundreds of K-12 Schools That Have Earned ENERGY STAR Certification for Top Energy Performance by Partnering with Cenergistic

    How to Engage the Community and Build Support with the ENERGY STAR Energy Efficiency Student Toolkit

    Winter Energy Conservation Tips for Schools

    What Are the Data Trends in Energy Use in K-12 Schools and the Impact on the ENERGY STAR® Score?

    What Are the Challenges Facing Schools and the Benefits of Energy Efficiency?

    What Is the ENERGY STAR® Score for K-12 Schools & How Can It Help Make the Business Case for Energy Upgrades at Your School?

    Too Hot to Learn? Why Students Learn Better with Effective Education Energy Management

    Why Sustainable Behaviors Are Key to Reducing Costs in School District Budgets

    A New Era of Energy and Conservation: Disruption is a Good Thing

    The Evolution of Intelligent Building Software

    Sustainability and Energy Conservation: Teach Them Young

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