The Role of Big Data & Advanced Analytics for Energy Management

Access to accurate, real-time data is essential to the active, efficient management of energy, reports George Nizharadze via Power Engineering International.

K-12 school districts are beginning to understand that modern energy management is changing. School district officials and facilities staff are actively looking to start the use of big data and advanced analytics to develop new business models for effective energy management. School districts now have access to platforms that are easy to deploy to manage energy more effectively, like the Cenergistic Executive® Platform which powers sustainability via the use of big data and machine learning applications that actively work never stop saving.

Big data effectively empowers education Facilities Managers with information and insights into the reliability, availability, and demand-response of energy resources. As the ways energy is used to become more efficient, Facilities Managers need to understand how the role of big data and advanced analytics for energy management will change and what it means for education facilities management.

Challenges of Implementing Advanced Analytics for Energy Management

There will always be obstacles to implementing new technologies. Local networks may be insufficient for handling the data generated by smart systems, and software may not be able to scale with the growth of a school. However, these challenges are overcome through the use of new software solutions, such as those offered by Cenergistic, that take advantage of a software-as-a-service access model. In other words, education Facility Managers can use the latest technologies without the steep investment costs of deploying a new system that would have otherwise been used in commercial applications.

In a sense, systems available on the market that an education Facility Manager may consider are built with commercial needs in mind. They are ill-equipped to handle the unique needs of educational facilities, such as faculty turnover, student learning environments and the ongoing demand for new supplies and technology in the classroom.

Advanced Analytics Empower School Districts to Save Millions

Advanced analytics and big data provide a data-based framework to energy management in education facilities. This gives schools the ability to leverage behavioral change among students and faculty to manage energy use. More importantly, many school-specific energy solutions may be available with no to zero upfront investment cost. This eliminates many of the barriers to implementation and use. Since it is effectively a risk-free program, schools of all sizes and states can take advantage of big data and advanced analytics at last.

The specific impacts on students and staff may range from improved comfort, better outcomes for students during physical education courses, as noted by Education Week, improved health and much more. For instance, managing energy use in the HVAC system, as well as performing predictive maintenance when energy use indicates a potential problem, can reduce the spread of mold and pathogens throughout a school. Therefore, students are more likely to stay healthy and enjoy themselves, key factors affecting learning ability.

How to Put Advanced Analytics to Work

Education Facility Managers can take advantage of big data and advanced analytics by following three, key steps:

  • Track data for all assets, which is essential to maximizing the accuracy and scope of reactive, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

  • Analyze data, and work toward improvements in energy use behaviors, which lower energy costs through both direct and indirect means.

  • Take stock of lessons learned and how to improve future energy use, ensuring the continued success of an energy management program and reductions in overhead energy costs.

Know the Value of Advanced Analytics in Your District

Education Facility Managers need advanced analytics to stay competitive, maintain the integrity and safety of buildings, ensure occupant health and wellness and save money. Furthermore, schools partnering with Cenergistic can tap into the added expertise of an On-Site Energy Specialist to verify analytics' recommendations, make changes that will have higher value and learn from an industry expert in education energy management. Get started today by contacting Cenergistic online.


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