2019 Rewind: What Has the Past Year Looked Like for Sustainability?

The past year has seen the US Women’s national soccer team take gold, Avengers: Endgame crush box office records and an art installation solely consisting of a banana duct-taped to a wall sell for $120,000 before being promptly eaten in a separate piece of performance art — but how has the sustainability movement progressed during this time?


At Cenergistic, we’ve worked at creating a culture of energy conservation within each one of our clients’ organizations. Around the world: the nascent stages of electric commercial airplane development signal a major breakthrough in an industry responsible for significant pollution, the construction industry has developed a sustainable method of creating concrete and colleges across the country have drastically reduced their collective fossil fuel consumption.


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As the sun sets on 2019 and we see what the 2020s have in store, now is an excellent time to consider what more can be done to protect our planet. If your organization is looking for an effective way to reduce energy consumption and significantly save on utility bills, contact Cenergistic today for further information at 1-855-798-7779 or visit Cenergistic.com.


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